Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gotta start somewhere

What an awesome weekend! I got out of the house for most of the day on Saturday, and had a lot of fun with some old friends. But that means I didn't get quite as far on my Warcraft goals as originally projected. No worries though, I'm still doing quite well, and even if I wasn't, the RL benefits would still be totally worth it.

Here's what I've got so far:
1st Guild Bank: 2 tabs, mostly empty (previously held a ton of herbs - more on that later)
2nd Guild Bank: 5 tabs, tons of junk. Got this all for free a week ago. Not sure of any of this is worth much, as it's mostly old-world stuff, and nothing stands out so far, but I'm going to try to organize it and put it to use.
1st tab: Various DE mats
2nd tab: Potions, recipes
3rd tab: Meat
4th tab: Leathers
5th tab: Ores, gems
3rd Guild Bank: 2 tabs, completely empty. When I bought it, it was full of vendor trash and a couple low-level things that I disenchanted or sold off pretty quickly.
Specific assets and investments
900 Volatile Life (bought at 4g-5g apiece, hope the price goes up with the next patch. If not, I use them in my daily transmute.)
30-40 stacks of Dense Stone (hopefully buying more before the Faire comes)
15-20 stacks of Wool Cloth
18 Polished Bronze Rivets (buying as many as I can in anticipation of the Top Hat recipe)
3-4 stacks of Embersilk Bolts (for my Dreamcloth transmutes)
Volatiles for Dreamcloth and Living Elements transmutes
2 Dreamcloth (saving to make more pants, or perhaps spellthread later)
Volcanic Deck
Earthquake Deck
All Winds cards except 5
Flame-Ascended Pantaloons
Total cash on hand: 4568g

If you're wondering about the Dense Stone, I plan on turning them into Dense Grinding Stones and using them at the Darkmoon Faire to buy Greater Darkmoon Prize. It's cheap, the trash greens can be sold or disenchanted to cover your expenses, and you have a shot at rare recipes or twink gear that can sell for a pretty penny. I found this tip at The Consortium, and hope to give it a shot this Faire. I could use the rep anyways, so I don't have anything to lose, really.

As for that first guild bank, it was full of old herbs that I bought for cheap when prices dipped for Cataclysm. I sold a good deal of them when prices spiked after Cataclysm and people were leveling tradeskills en masse, but I had about half a tab left of Azeroth herbs, and half a tab of Northrend/Outlands herbs. Well, I decided this weekend to work on my inscription based on these two discoveries:

1. There are no glyphs that require the highest level of Inscription skill, so all glyphs can be made with a lvl 65 toon (like my DK!) at about 400 skill level.
2. There are tons of glyphs that can only be learned through daily research, so the sooner I start doing my Minor Inscription Research and Northrend Inscription Research, the quicker I can have a full arsenal of glyphs to profit from.

So, I took what herbs I had in that gbank, farmed up the rest of what I needed with the DK, then dropped herbalism, learned inscription, and leveled straight through until I learned Northrend Research. It was grueling. But, now I can start learning the 64 glyphs from Minor Research, 41 glyphs from Northrend Research, and 54 glyphs from Books of Glyph Mastery. That last one is going to be tough, because no one plays Lich King content anymore, and the books are nowhere to be found on my AH this weekend, and rarely found on other days.

Well, at least I have a scribe, and I can start investigating the glyph market. My shaman is at lvl 64 and ready for the Nagrand quests, which is still my favorite zone in BC. I've found a couple potential holes in the current AH market: vendor recipes, cloth twink/leveling gear, and certain vendor pets. We have plenty of Alliance pets like the cats and the moths, but no one's selling the Dalaran pets. I might be able to elbow my way into the Yeti pets, having done that quest on my shaman earlier this week. Oh, and I made a decent profit from someone leveling their BS. They decided to list 5 Truesilver Rod for 60s. I turned around and sold them one at a time for 25g. Success! Little by little, I'm going to make my fortune.

Goals: Shaman to Northrend by this weekend, Elder Title before it's too late.
Start selling the glyphs I leveled on, look into further glyph opportunities
Pick up vendor pets and recipes, start selling
Start figuring out production for cloth twink/leveling gear

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