Wednesday, June 29, 2011

4.2 impressions

First off, my farmer hasn't been online when I've been online recently, and hasn't filled the last two orders I sent by in-game mail despite replying with mail of his own. And now that the patch has hit, I could really use some more ore to process and some damned Cinderbloom to make Steelskin Flasks from. So instead of getting all the herb I want for 25g a stack, it looks like I may be paying 45g a stack on the AH. I'm putting it off as long as I can, but I'm about to run out of those flasks.

Other than my farmer bumming out, I'm doing okay. I made TSM groups for gems and started putting my JC to use. I've been stockpiling my rares from prospecting, and timidly put a little of everything I've got on the AH. Our resident gem baron Trimact undercut me within the half hour... three times in a row. Looking at his Undermine Journal profile, it's looking like there's not much I can do about him. I knew he had more resources than I do, but the guy never sleeps, either, so I'm screwed. Unless I can pin him for botting, I suppose.

Enough whining! Flasks and potions, my only two winning markets, are selling like crazy today. I'm a little over a level away from 75 on the DK. And I have an extra-long weekend to enjoy the new patch! Class was cancelled Friday, I'm off work, and I'm gonna enjoy Firelands as much as possible. I already snagged my horde balloon pet and did the Thrall quests for the cloak. I'm happy as can be.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Personal Farmer?

I believe I have started a business relationship with a farmer that will supply me with most of my herb and ore needs: Elementium, Pyrite, Cinderbloom, Whiptail, and Volatile Life. I'm still working out the kinks, but I think this can be mutually beneficial and quite profitable on my end. We'll see how it works out.

In other news, I'm not quite ready for 4.2, but I don't think that matters much at this point. And whomever told me that lighting bonfires was good exp/hour, lied to me. I didn't measure it, but it sure felt like I could have been farther along had I quested through Northrend instead of done the bonfires. In any case, the fires are kinda boring, and I actually like questing. So that's how we're going to finish off my DK: 75 this week or bust!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cancel/Repost made easy

So, I've set up a handful of groups in TSM, and figured out how to cancel and repost. This addon is so cool! I wish I knew how to use all the other functions, but that will come with time. I met my goals, even if my TSM epiphany came a bit later than I had hoped. The fire sale was a success and pulled in 5k for not a whole lot of effort. I'll repeat it again soon, because I want my guild banks completely empty. Anything that doesn't sell after 3 or 4 listings will be put in the bank alt's character bank space or vendored. My shaman is 75 and now has maxed Engineering. I'm gathering mats for my BS/LW leveling marathons. And while I haven't spent much time ingame this week, I'm feeling pretty fantastic about my gold making. I've burned the majority of my liquid gold, but with the new automated tools at my disposal, I bet I can turn my investments back into cash much easier.

New goals: more groups in TSM!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My first stockpile

Azshara's Veil had been lingering between 90-100g per stack for a week or two, and I was beginning to worry about when I'd be able to grab cheap mats for my next round of crafting flasks. Patiently I waited for prices to drop, and lo and behold they completely bottomed out. I picked up two and a half gbank tabs at 36g/stack, which took a third of my liquid gold. Probably not a wise decision in hindsight. I think I tend to work myself into a buying frenzy when I find a deal that good.

So, now I'm trickling those stacks out a dozen at a time, hoping to sell them for double or even triple what I paid for them, and hoping that someone dumps Twilight Jasmine soon so I can make some more int flasks. Cleaning out my gbanks so I can do more of this mass buying would be helpful, too. I still have almost 4 tabs that are just filled with scraps of leveling mats and other old-world junk in quantities too small to really make a difference. Now that school's out and the summer kiddies are leveling, maybe I can get rid of a lot of that on the AH.

Leveling my shaman 2 more levels and my DK 9 more levels should be at the top of my priorities list this week. But I might have to take some time to configure TSM before I get there. Herb and especially Volatile prices went up, so competition went down for flasks briefly, but now that I've started posting for higher prices I'm finding a couple more interlopers. It would be convenient if I had TSM set up to cancel/repost when the undercutters start moving in. I keep putting it off, but I need to bite the bullet. Reposting will be easier, posting more auctions will become easier, and I'll save time in just about everything if I can just use the tools I already have installed. There's a possibility I'll be going to the beach this weekend, so I will make it my goal to have flasks set up in TSM before I'll leave.

This stream-of-consciousness blogging is a bit odd, but at least I'm coming to conclusions as I type it out. In the future, I probably will have a set goal of something to say when I sit down to type, but today I just have some time to kill in the library between classes, so this is what you get. ;)

Goals: Set up flasks in TSM
Shaman to 75 (finally, derp)
Fire Sale from the Guild Bank for Lux Aurumque (isn't that a cool name for a guild? It means Golden Light in latin)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Oh, I have a blog?

Yep, and things are starting to take off in-game finally! I spent a couple months learning every glyph in the game, and soon I'll have a full-fledged glyph business running. I'm also on the cusp of getting 2 more toons to 75, opening up some more profession slots. Right now, I'm starting to increase my liquid gold with flasks. Volatiles are disappearing from the market, and I'm risking a little bit where I can on Pyrite Ore and Truegold. Nothing too exciting, other than the fact that I'm super stoked about cornering the flask market. I spent my first earnings on some Portable Holes and guild bank tabs, so now I have 3 guild banks with 4 tabs each. Not much to put in them yet, other than my Pyrite, but so far that's about a third of a tab, so not a whole lot. Anyways, I'll let you know when I've got something worth sharing!