Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My first stockpile

Azshara's Veil had been lingering between 90-100g per stack for a week or two, and I was beginning to worry about when I'd be able to grab cheap mats for my next round of crafting flasks. Patiently I waited for prices to drop, and lo and behold they completely bottomed out. I picked up two and a half gbank tabs at 36g/stack, which took a third of my liquid gold. Probably not a wise decision in hindsight. I think I tend to work myself into a buying frenzy when I find a deal that good.

So, now I'm trickling those stacks out a dozen at a time, hoping to sell them for double or even triple what I paid for them, and hoping that someone dumps Twilight Jasmine soon so I can make some more int flasks. Cleaning out my gbanks so I can do more of this mass buying would be helpful, too. I still have almost 4 tabs that are just filled with scraps of leveling mats and other old-world junk in quantities too small to really make a difference. Now that school's out and the summer kiddies are leveling, maybe I can get rid of a lot of that on the AH.

Leveling my shaman 2 more levels and my DK 9 more levels should be at the top of my priorities list this week. But I might have to take some time to configure TSM before I get there. Herb and especially Volatile prices went up, so competition went down for flasks briefly, but now that I've started posting for higher prices I'm finding a couple more interlopers. It would be convenient if I had TSM set up to cancel/repost when the undercutters start moving in. I keep putting it off, but I need to bite the bullet. Reposting will be easier, posting more auctions will become easier, and I'll save time in just about everything if I can just use the tools I already have installed. There's a possibility I'll be going to the beach this weekend, so I will make it my goal to have flasks set up in TSM before I'll leave.

This stream-of-consciousness blogging is a bit odd, but at least I'm coming to conclusions as I type it out. In the future, I probably will have a set goal of something to say when I sit down to type, but today I just have some time to kill in the library between classes, so this is what you get. ;)

Goals: Set up flasks in TSM
Shaman to 75 (finally, derp)
Fire Sale from the Guild Bank for Lux Aurumque (isn't that a cool name for a guild? It means Golden Light in latin)

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