Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cancel/Repost made easy

So, I've set up a handful of groups in TSM, and figured out how to cancel and repost. This addon is so cool! I wish I knew how to use all the other functions, but that will come with time. I met my goals, even if my TSM epiphany came a bit later than I had hoped. The fire sale was a success and pulled in 5k for not a whole lot of effort. I'll repeat it again soon, because I want my guild banks completely empty. Anything that doesn't sell after 3 or 4 listings will be put in the bank alt's character bank space or vendored. My shaman is 75 and now has maxed Engineering. I'm gathering mats for my BS/LW leveling marathons. And while I haven't spent much time ingame this week, I'm feeling pretty fantastic about my gold making. I've burned the majority of my liquid gold, but with the new automated tools at my disposal, I bet I can turn my investments back into cash much easier.

New goals: more groups in TSM!

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