Friday, August 26, 2011

Waiting out the storm.

A month and a half after I reported my bot friend Trimact, it appears that Blizz has finally dropped the banhammer on him. Good for Blizz! And even better for my bottom line. I was planning on using strategies from Foo and Stokpile on how to eliminate heavy competition, but it appears that this guy is either gone, or planning on posting from another toon. We shall see.

However, I haven't been able to take advantage of this new opportunity just yet, because my hard drive died on me on Sunday. I'm still sorting out my options, but it looks like it may be another week before I can hop back into World of Warcraft. In the meantime, I'm making a little money in the real world and getting settled in to my new college schedule. (I'm glad there's a computer lab in the building where most of my classes are!)

I recently read an article about superstitions that players hold in World of Warcraft, like holding on to lucky charms of sorts, or sacrificing gnomes before a boss pull. I had never heard of the gnome thing before, but I guess that's because I haven't leveled an ally toon past level 25. I have, however, recently started carrying around some junk that some people would consider talismans. I found a Rabbit's Foot on my druid and sent it to Danebread. I also had a pleasant surprise when eating my fortune cookie: the 5k fortune card. I think my raid group was flabbergasted that I didn't vendor it, but decided it would live in my bags as a reminder of my economic goals. If I'm ever in a position where the 5,000g will make me or break me, then it'll be there, but I kind of hope that never happens.

Speaking of economic goals, I cleared 200k shortly before my hard drive crashed. I was going to make a post at the quarter-million mark, but that might be a while, depending on when I get a new hard drive. So hooray for me and my 200,000g! Bye for now guys, I'm off to learn about genetics.


  1. some advice after reading bits from your abandoned failblog:

    1. grow some facial hair, you look like such a fag. nice obsession with female blood elf toons you perverted twat
    2. learn to write things people would actually read. you're just wasting your time (typical pre-med dumbass)
    3. ever heard of morales? instead of reporting your competition, what about the bots you buy cheap herbs from?

    seriously, what a tard

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