Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Introducing Braindead Industries

Bloodsail Admiral Danebread, Captain of Braindead Industries
Welcome, friend. Today is the official launch of Braindead Industries, the journal where I share the tales of my quest for wealth and adventure. There are two reasons why I'm holding the official launch today. First, I have finally hoodwinked somebody into following my blog, and it's none other than fluxdada of Power Word: Gold. It's pretty exciting to be noticed by somebody you look up to! Second, I've finally finished fiddling around with my alts, and I'm ready to start making gold in earnest. Time for balls-to-the-wall, no-holds-barred wheeling and dealing; the Auction House is now my personal Everest, and I'm all geared up for the climb.

(cue soundtrack)

So, who or what is Braindead Industries? I'm glad you asked. I'd like to introduce the starting lineup:
Crafters of Braindead Industries
This week, I achieved one of my biggest goals in Azeroth: I maxed every crafting profession. From left to right, I have a JC/Enchanter, Scribe/LW, Engineer/BS, and Tailor/Alchemist. I've invested a lot of time in this "human capital" to get these various alts to level 75 and their tradeskills to 525. Now, I just have to put their professions to good use! The dashing undead pirate is my main Danebread, and the ruggedly handsome orc  Death Knight getting his boogie on is Xagoraphobe, his co-captain and Chief Financial Officer of Braindead Industries.

Bankers of Braindead Industries
Here we have my bankers and inexperienced alts. Between the four of them, I have two 4-slot guild banks and two 5-slot guild banks. As of right now, they're mostly empty, but when I find a good deal in bulk, like a couple hundred stacks of Azshara's Veil at half of the typical market value, it's nice to have a place to store it.

Right now, as far as capital goes, I have those four guild banks, some inks, a little bit of herb, some flasks and potions, a few sets of crafted Bloodthirsty gear, and a handful of stacks of each color of uncut rare gems. Oh, and about 20k liquid. I can only go up from here. Gold cap, here I come.

So, what can you expect from this blog? Fun stories of my journey to wealth and glory. I read an article recently about a group of prisoners at the Missouri Eastern Correctional Center who are rehearsing and staging a production of Hamlet. While these performers weren't very well educated and definitely not trained to perform Shakespeare, which I'm sure frustrated their director at times, she found that their personal experiences made their performances much more engaging and more real. Hamlet is a story about an emotional youngster contemplating vengeance, violence, and death: who better to relate to that kind of story than people who have tasted the consequences of such crimes of passion? Similarly, I'm not a trained professional when it comes to auction house domination. I'm just a passionate young goblin who happens to be a storyteller as well. Hopefully the young and old alike can find something valuable and entertaining from my adventures, even if I don't have the wisdom of the multi-millionaires to scry out future profits from the tea-leaf readings on the PTR. You can watch me struggle my way to the top and hopefully identify with my concerns, my thought processes, and my triumphs. I can't guarantee insider trading tips or profit-expanding advice, but I can give you my best shot at a fun read.

Time to hit the auction house. Hope you come back soon!

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